Our Trees

Here on our farm we grow three different types of trees. All of them are non-drop trees. Below is a short description of each, allowing you to choose the right one for you.

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These are non-drop needle trees. They are a tight and relatively slim, uniform tree. These are the trees you picture when you imagine your 'classic' christmas tree. They are blue-green tinged with silver, with purple buds.



The Nordmann fir are the UK's no.1 Christmas tree. Traditional shape and deep glossy green, with large needles that don't drop.



This is the most characterful of all the firs. They tend to 'do their own thing' and grow in all sorts of directions, giving you our character christmas trees. The Noble firs have a bluey tint to the needles with a beautiful scent. They are the best smelling of all our trees. They are more layered, allowing for decorations to be hung right through them. The Noble is our favourite tree.