Who We Are


Character Christmas Trees is a family run business. We have been growing Christmas trees in the Skyreburn valley for over 25 years. All 3 generations of the family are involved.

We plant a wide mixture of shrubs and trees throughout the Christmas tree fields to provide a varied ecology to encourage a wide range of insects. We particularly encourage ladybirds and have a huge population who deal with the aphids in the Christmas trees, which means we do not have to use pesticides. We also plant trees like walnut, which produce food for the large population of red squirrels that share the Christmas trees with us.

Not only do we grow traditional shape christmas trees but also work with nature and grow wiggly trees, fat trees, thin trees, round trees, because, like people, trees come in all shapes and sizes and every tree deserves a christmas.

Order your tree from our shop today, be it a classic tree or one of our more characterful ones.

Go on...give a tree a christmas.