An Early Christmas Present


We wanted to give you guys a little early gift of a 10% discount on all our trees when ordered before November. Our delivery is now also a standard £4.95 for all trees up to 10ft and so there’s no excuse not to buy now!

Remember…Every tree deserves a Christmas!

Sniffing out the Best Trees


We have been hard at work getting all our trees ready for Christmas. We want them looking their best for when they arrive on your doorstep. Fiddy, our CCT dog has been checking on each of them personally, sniffing out the best trees…he’s a perfectionist afterall.

A Very Happy Customer


Check out one of our trees that was ordered online. Our customer had some rather lovey things to say about it so thought we would share it with you...

I am SO pleased with my tree. It is simply divine. I was feeling ill all morning and when the tree arrived i perked right up! I was worried about ordering online as I normally like to pick the tree but I couldn’t have picked a better one myself! Big thanks to Colin...I will make sure he is picking my tree next year too!
— Annie Duffy

Quality Control


Inspecting the noble firs (abies procera) in the late Scottish summer. The noble fir is Character Christmas Trees’ favourite non-drop needle tree… and is also met with the approval of our resident Shetland sheep!